• Location: São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Interior accent and materials: Exposed and Polished Concrete, Light wood veneer, Fur
  • Area: 170 m2 / 1829 ft2
  • Credit: Nildo-Jose

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Concrete in the interior architecture is on trend and Nildo José Architectural Studio have worked on the interior of a 170 square meter flat, strangely named KZ apartment in São Paulo, Brazil. A lovely area with a beautiful view of the city became the first home for the young couple. The owner’s idea was to make the apartment as elegant and stylish as the closest surroundings by matching materials and shapes.

 The architects exercised a redevelopment plan, converting the space to three bedrooms into two, which allowed more area for the kitchen and living areas, and as an additional bonus bathroom and all about the concrete in the interior design. Throughout the space, warmth, and sophistication are achieved in the new apartment, by using some exclusive design products signed by their renowned authors.

Exposed concrete and light wood are the two primary materials used in any room for furniture, wall coverings and some of the ceiling finishes. The flooring material is polished concrete, which typically was used ten years ago only in the warehouse and industry because of its properties and easy maintenance. Since then, it has become a common material for residential interior design and architecture.

 The lighting is mostly “hidden” in the ceiling or different niches in the furniture. To create extra depth and visual space, one of the walls in the living room is entirely made of a mirror. The unusual shape of the magnificent marble dining table allows up to 8 people to sit without disturbing the transition between the kitchen and living room.

Plan of the apartment made by Architects Nildo-Jose


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