• Location: Illinois,US
  • Interior accent and materials: White Oak, Natural Colours, Walnut
  • Idea: House in the woods
  • Area: 145 m2 / 1560 ft2
  • Credit: Wheeler Kearns Architects

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The house in the woods is designed by Bureau “Wheeler Kearns Architects”, located Highland Park, Illinois, USA. The house is created for a couple as a permanent residence surrounded by nature. Owners love to go cycling, walk in nature and painting. They needed a modest, but scalable one-story house, corresponding to their active lifestyle and personal interests, quietly interacting with a beautiful plot.

The project is a synthesis of the past and future of the married couple, their interests and passions. The house is conceptually designed as a single, dark, rectangular volume. The residential part and the garage are deliberately separated to let some wild plants into everyday life.

Inside the private zone of home, a volume of American walnut wood dominates with its distinctive patterns. The floors are made of white oak with matt finish that
keeps the warmth of the wood by touch.

Conveniently connected via an open plan layout are the living room, dining area and kitchen accidentally surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. Those two walls represent 50 per cent of the property’s walls and turn into a live spectacle of nature. The occupants can enjoy the changing seasons and spread the colours of nature interacting with parts of the interior. Right in front of the windows of the workshop overlook the courtyard with birches and flower beds boosting the creative flair.

house in the woods designs (2)

house in the woods designs (1)

house in the woods plans
House in the woods - plan and layout


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