Raw and Industrial design of Café Bar

  • Location: Kharkov, Ukraine.
  • Interior accent and materials: Decorative Concrete Blocks, Decorative Glass blocks, Corugated Metal
  • Idea: Raw Industrial design style
  • Area: approx. 165 m2 / 1560 ft2
  • Credit: Balbek bureau

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This is a place where creative-minded people can exchange ideas and express their opinions. The ideology behind the design intent is responsible also for the name the Protagonist. Dark, rough and brutal concrete pillars, exposed decorative concrete blocks, polished floors and ceiling represent 80% of the interior decors. All of the above are signals and details of the raw and industrial design style interiors.

The texture of the walls, floor and ceiling and their colours turn each guest there to a “main character”.
It is located in the historical part of the city of Kharkov, Ukraine. Architect Slava Balbek, the head of the Balbek bureau, and his team worked on this original project.

Quote: One of the main tasks was the division of space into functional zones. The back of the room was given over to technological processes, and the central space with panoramic windows became the main dining room.
In the middle of this hall, a common table was set up for large companies, and a full-sized bar counter was located to the left. The DJ console is designed and resembles an old soviet radio station and installed to the right of the large table, and behind – another table for two.

Another important part of the cafe-bar project is the sound design. No bar can exist without music. The owners of the establishment, being true connoisseurs of high-quality sound, made a big emphasis on sound equipment. They chose the Void Acoustics system, which allows not only playing background music but also having quality parties.

The central design elements is a lamp made from corrugated metal suspended over a common table. Another emphasis rise in the centre of the interior space from the floor to the ceiling is a wall made from decorative glass bricks. The light is kept minimalistic with spotlights set to produce sharp shadows reinforcing even further the industrial design.

During parties, the table moves to the wall of glass blocks allowing for more dance area. With the exception of the chairs, most of the furniture was designed and manufactured by the local manufacturer. This is an extraordinary place that every connoisseur should visit. Non-Standard rooms for pleasant meetings.

Original concrete block wall - side view

Original concrete brick wall

metal wall design

local manufacturer of furniture

A plan of Cafe Bar
Plan of the Café Bar


Vendors in the UK: Polished Floors (SensoFloors)
Self-build solution: Polished Concrete Floors Explained (self-build.co.uk)
Concrete floor tiles (affordable solution): Total tiles 
Concrete decoration: Raft furniture (raftfurniture.co.
Credits: Balbek bureau


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